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Shango's -The Art of Wood Fired Ovens

We have decided to bring Shango's back to its roots, we are now open in Andalucia, where we can find some of the best meat and fish products in the world. Add to them steak from Galicia, Italian flour and cheese and a little twist from northern Europe together with the best wines from all of Spain and you have the great Shango's experience.

Established in 1966 in the east end of London by two families of immigrants, one from the mediterranean coast of Spain and the other from Southern Italy, Shango's was a product of the best of both worlds with dishes that merged  together to form what you can now experience at Shango's, food produced by artisans and cooked with passion by traditional methods. Though grown into a more modern concept we still hold true to our roots, using traditionally made produce of the highest quality, locally sourced where possible. We cook with only wood in our ovens and charcoal on our grills to bring out the best that nature can offer.


We see ourselves as modern artisans, bringing pride and passion to restaurants where we know you'll love our food as much as we do. We hope to welcome you to our new restaurant in Nueva Andalucia and have you experience the passion we have, not only for our food but for service.

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